Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what type of information we collect about visitors to this website ( and how we store and use that information.

Collection of Statistical Data

Similar to almost every other website out there, our system automatically records technical statistical data about each and every visitor to this website. This does not include any personal information, but rather certain technical details about your device and activity on our website.

Examples of information we collect for statistical purposes include: IP address (geographical location), device type, operating system, browser, local language, time of visit, and pages visited.

Storage and Usage of Statistical Data

As mentioned above, our system automatically collects technical, non-personal information about our visitors and stores it in a database. The main purpose of collecting such data is to generate statistical reports that help us analyze our traffic and find ways to improve the website and its content.

All statistical reports are kept private and only accessible by the website’s owner and manager(s). We may share these reports privately with our business partners and affiliated companies or persons.

Collection of Personal Data

The content of this website is publicly available to all Internet users. You can freely and anonymously access and read the content of any page without needing to create an account or provide us with any of your personal details.

However, certain features may require you to manually supply specific personal information about you. Examples: When you leave a comment on a post, when you create an account on our website, and when you contact us using the online feedback form. Such personal information may include your name, email address, phone number, location or address, and/or any other necessary details.

Storage and Usage of Personal Data

Any and all personal information you are required to submit through our website may be indefinitely stored in our database. We will only use this information according to its intended purpose.

For example, when you leave a comment, your provided name will be publicly displayed on our website while your email address will be kept private. If you use the contact form to send us a message, none of the provided personal information will be publicly published, but we may use it to communicate with you.

We will not sell your personal details to any third party, and we will not share your personal details with any third party unless required to do so by law.

Email Policy

You may be asked to provide your email address when using certain parts or features of our website. Unless clearly stated otherwise, your email address will be kept private and will only be visible to the site administrator.

We will not share your email address with advertisers and we will not sell it to any third party. We will not send you any unsolicited promotional messages or automated messages unless you have signed up and agreed to receive such emails.

The administrator may use your email address to reply to your contact request or comment, or to send important messages regarding website issues, changes and/or updates.

Cookie Policy

You probably already know what cookies are (no, not those sweet edible ones!), but in case you don’t, a cookie is basically a tiny text file that is automatically created and stored in your web browser. Each cookie is associated with a specific website (domain name) and it contains small bits of information that are necessary for proper functioning of the website.

This website may use cookies to remember your session, keep you logged in, remember your personalized/customized settings, and for other purposes that make it possible for you to enjoy smooth browsing experience.

Some third-party services that are utilized on this website may also set their own functionality and tracking cookies. Examples of such third-party services include Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. These third-party cookies are controlled by their respective providers and are subject to their own privacy policies.